High Level Appointment Setting

B2B appointment setting for technology vendors and their partner communities

About Apica

HQ - Sweden
SaaS load testing and performance monitoring through the cloud

Goals and Objectives
  • Meet decision-makers 
  • Discover web testing focused projects  
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Run tactical campaigns over an 18 month period
  • Identified a list of target companies
  • Ran cold calling campaigns to establish need and identify correct contacts
  • Meetings arranged with decision-makers or key influencers 
  • Brand awareness increased
  • Sales cycle reduced 
  • Built a long-term marketing strategy 

SaaS based web performance leader calls for high level appointments: Apica use ProspectAware’s appointment-setting service to meet with senior web performance executives.

Apica is a leading provider of load testing and performance monitoring solutions that test, analyse, optimise and monitor web, cloud and mobile applications.

Apica have worked with ProspectAware for over 18 months and have developed a long-term relationship which now incorporates all aspects of new business development.

Getting started 

Apica offers a ground-breaking service for optimising eCommerce platforms. They needed to meet with senior business contacts who are responsible for web performance management and testing. Having tried to work with other companies in the telemarketing industry, they felt they did not receive the right level of service and quality of meetings that was appropriate for their value proposition. ProspectAware approached Apica with their unique telemarketing strategy, beginning with a small tester pilot, as Apica thought the service sounded ’too good to be true’!

“ProspectAware provides an excellent service through rapid understanding of technology and they turn that into concise propositions that are easily communicated. They are persistent and always call ‘high’ at decision-making level to secure quality appointments. I would have no hesitation in hiring ProspectAware again.”

Mike Howse - VP Sales, Apica International

Making phone calls 

ProspectAware was determined to prove that their service was different and unique to other telemarketing companies: it worked. Apica has been working with ProspectAware on strategic campaigns over the last 18 months and they have fully utilised the tap-on, tap-off flexibility provided by ProspectAware.

Moving forward

Once a solid working relationship had been established between the two companies, Apica was able to leverage more of ProspectAware’s services. ProspectAware have the ability to run multiple campaigns which will broaden the product set and raise awareness for all aspects of Apica’s business within the UK market place. 

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About ProspectAware

ProspectAware Limited is head quartered in the City of London and specialises in delivering high level appointment setting, lead generation, telesales and marketing services to leading technology companies and their channel partners.

Our services can be used as a complete outsourced lead generation capability, or as an extension to an internal team. With an end goal of increasing our clients’ new business revenue streams, our primary focus is high level appointment setting and positioning them in front of key individuals within their prospective markets.

With over 15 years’ collective experience and direct knowledge of over 400 technology companies and the challenges that they face, ProspectAware’s services and methodologies have been designed in a way to add maximum value to our clients’ marketing and sales strategies.

The experience we have gathered has allowed us to develop a unique proposition within the area of technology marketing. By realising the need to combine a number of proven techniques to influence all points of access to our clients’ target audience, ProspectAware is actively engaged in developing the relationships between our clients and their prospective markets, improving the quality of new business sales opportunities and increasing the sales pipeline.

For more information, please feel free to visit the ProspectAware website or call our London office to speak with a marketing expert.
+ 44 845 299 7939

Prospect Aware adopt a Top Down calling methodology


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