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About Ixia

HQ—Santa Clara, California
A leading Next Generation enterprise security platform provider, protecting thousands of enterprise, government and service provider networks from cyber threats.

Goals and Objectives
  • To generate high-level prospect appointments for the Ixia sales team. 
  • To ultimately increase company turnover and profits through new sales. 
  • To convert 10 prospects per month into qualified appointments with key decision-makers. 
  • Pan-European lead generation campaign.
  • At least 10 qualified appointments arranged per month with senior decision-makers and key stakeholders, in the UK, Norway and Finland. 
  • Sales closure and pipeline has increased plus important, new relationships are being developed and nurtured.

The challenge: highly targeted lead generation campaign and senior-level appointment setting required

Ixia solutions optimise networks and data centres to accelerate, secure and scale the delivery of applications and services for enterprises, equipment manufacturers, service providers and governments. They help their customers provide an always-on user experience through fast, secure delivery of dynamic connected technologies and services. 

Getting started 

Ixia attend many events, exhibitions and conferences on an annual basis to try and gain new prospective clients. This can be very time-consuming, with the detailed logistics beforehand and all the time spent at the actual events. As far as targeted marketing campaigns were concerned, even at specialist events, it often felt like pot luck as to whether Ixia’s sales team would even get to speak to the decision-maker or not. After an event, the subsequent follow-up of prospective clients is always key and the timing is also critical. If leads are not followed up quickly enough or emails are sent that do not generate a response, it can often make one question the value of a particular campaign. Ixia’s objective was to reduce their workload involved in attending so many events, so they decided to cut down on exhibition attendance by about 40%, and now only attend the more specialist, targeted events. Due to the calibre of the products that Ixia sells, they only need one deal to come off from an event and it is has paid for itself, so if carefully chosen, exhibitions can be excellent value for money, as well as giving Ixia a strong presence and brand exposure. In order to deliver a higher return on marketing investment it was decided that an appointment setting campaign into the correct target audience would be complementary to the event activity.

"ProspectAware are very committed to their business and are incredibly enthusiastic. They are great communicators and, since communication is key, it explains why they have grown so quickly and are becoming so successful. I cannot fault them and will continue to use their services.”.

Richard Page, Head of NTS Marketing, EMEA - IXIA

The Brief 

ProspectAware initially piloted a campaign for Ixia, whereby they were asked to arrange 10 face-to-face meetings for the sales team in a month. ProspectAware’s objective was simple: focus on relevant company of Enterprise size or brand that Ixia did not yet have a relationship with. One of the many advantages of outsourcing telemarketing is that all the time and effort involved in making endless phone calls was taken away from the sales team. The nature of Ixia’s products means that the lead time and sales cycle is usually a fairly long process, so ProspectAware were able to come on board to make the initial phone calls, obtain the right name, get past the gatekeeper then finally engage with the correct person. Once the hard graft was done, Ixia’s sales team was then able to go in and do what they do best: sell! Ixia gave ProspectAware two three-hour training sessions, one on the company background and product portfolio and the second around their customer and prospects’ potential pain points. As far as the database is concerned, Ixia have their own database but ProspectAware also provided Ixia with their database of additional target companies so they could cross-match and decide which additional companies they wanted to target. 

Excellent Results

Whilst Ixia’s products and services are fairly technical, ProspectAware quickly identified the issues that would resonate with the decision-makers: have they thought about their network performance? Are they worried about cyber attacks? How do they test their network for possible security breaches? The initial feedback from Ixia’s UK sales team is excellent; they are very pleased with the results that ProspectAware’s telemarketing campaign is achieving for them. The appointments they are generating are of an excellent quality and there are now some very strong leads in the pipeline. ProspectAware are required to make on average ten appointments per month but they often achieve more than this, so it becomes a positive ‘challenge’ for Ixia when too many leads have been generated! ProspectAware have also branched into Norway and Finland on behalf of Ixia, where they approached the top 100 companies and have attained some excellent leads for the pan-European sales force.

Going the extra mile

ProspectAware have the seemingly effortless knack of quickly providing Ixia with the right people in the desired prospective companies. Even if they discover that there is no immediate requirement, ProspectAware have managed to open the door for Ixia and the relationship can then be developed and nurtured by the sales team. When ProspectAware set up the appointments, they make very clear notes and give a synopsis of each phone call, so that Ixia’s sales team have a clear idea what has been discussed and understand some of the customer’s pain points in advance. ProspectAware also provide a very thorough weekly report of their campaign progress, with detailed comments and actions. 

"The campaigns which we have run with Ixia are a shining example of expansion through quality performance and a hungry sales team. Starting from the success of a UK pilot campaign, news soon spread amongst the Ixia sales team, and we soon found that they were proactively approaching us to provide training around a uniquely strong value proposition, in order to run campaigns into their geographies as well; namely the Benelux and Nordic regions. Throughout our engagements their sales team have been a pleasure to work with, assisting our team with everything which they required, in order to continue delivering the high quality of appointments which they have now become accustomed to.”.

Paul Clayton - Head of Client Services - ProspectAware EMEA

Future plans? 

Ixia plans to expand their pan-European lead generation and are keen to branch into Benelux soon with a telemarketing campaign. However, ProspectAware have proved themselves to be a little too successful with the UK sales team, so they will be fighting over who is going to use them next, the UK or Europe! There are promising times ahead for both Ixia and ProspectAware. 

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