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About Palo Alto Networks

HQ—Santa Clara, California
A leading Next Generation enterprise security platform provider, protecting thousands of enterprise, government and service provider networks from cyber threats.

Goals and Objectives
  • To quickly generate high-level appointments for the sales team 
  • To convert over 30% of companies into qualified appointments. 
  • Ultimately increase the customer base within major enterprise accounts.
  • To target 470 global enterprise companies with turnover in excess of US$1 billion. 
  • To generate 150 qualified appointments with senior level prospects.
  • 150 appointments arranged with decision makers and key influencers. 
  • Sales pipeline increased and new relationships developed with enterprise.

The challenge: Internal resource deficit to fulfil the sales team’s requirements

Palo Alto Networks are proud to recruit the best possible people onto their teams, including both internal and external sales. At the end of 2013, Palo Alto Networks had built up an incredibly talented external sales team, all ready, willing and able to take on appointments with prospective clients. However, there were not enough internal sales people to generate those appointments, which resulted in a temporary resource deficit. 


Palo Alto Networks offers a security platform that brings together all key network security functions, including advanced threat protection, firewall, IDS/IPS and URL filtering. As these functions are natively-built into the platform and share important information across the respective disciplines, Palo Alto Networks ensure better security than legacy firewalls, UTMs, or point threat detection products.

The Challenge 

When high-calibre sales people have been recruited, it is essential to get them in front of prospective clients as soon as possible. Palo Alto Networks were aware that they needed extra resource to cope with the new influx of sales people. ProspectAware had previously worked with one of Palo Alto’s resellers, and they came across each other at Earl’s Court’s IP Expo in 2013. Amar Bhatia, the MD of ProspectAware, was determined to engage with Palo Alto Networks, and managed to get enough face time to offer a strong proposition with regard to an appointment-setting strategy. ProspectAware’s due diligence paid off and they started to work with Palo Alto Networks, initially being trialled with a benchmarking exercise, which they sailed through. ProspectAware were then taken on to work on a mainstream programme for four months, requiring them to meet a very specific brief.

"From the onset, ProspectAware demonstrated a strong understanding of both our market space and our objectives. Their highly professional and well-connected team quickly integrated themselves with the sale groups of Palo Alto Networks and started to deliver quality appointments and pipeline within a matter of days. We have been so impressed with ProspectAware that we have also started rolling their services out into our partner ecosystem.”.

Alex Raistrick—Regional VP Western Europe, Palo Alto Networks

The Brief 

Palo Alto Networks has two sales teams in the UK: the Regional Sales Managers, with vertical markets and geographical territories, and the Major Account Managers (also known as ‘MAM’s). It was ProspectAware’s task to generate 150 appointments for the MAMs team, in a relatively short space of time. The technology requirement was for a security platform between the network and enterprise network. Palo Alto Networks provided a Target list of 470 large enterprise companies, with an annual revenue in excess of US$1 billion. There were no specific sectors to target since Palo Alto’s technology is agnostic as far as vertical markets are concerned. Many of these companies are global but they do often make purchasing decisions on a regional or local level. Usually, with appointment-setting campaigns, agencies would expect the biggest database possible, in this case, thousands of contacts to secure 150 appointments, so it was a very demanding objective for ProspectAware to convert over 30% of the companies into qualified appointments. 

Excellent Results

ProspectAware’s results were impressive: not only did they have to make appointments with the senior people in the business, who are usually less operational and more concerned with the bigger business issues (such as data loss, people stealing records etc.), they also needed to understand why Palo Alto’s security message was so important. ProspectAware picked up on the messaging and purpose of the campaign so quickly that they only needed two training sessions. ProspectAware created what they call “a telephone message” which in fact, allowed some of the agents to know as much about Palo Alto’s technical products as some of the internal sales team. ProspectAware worked at an extraordinary rate, securing 15 to 20 appointments per week (with two agents, one manager and one account manager). They met with the MAMS team, starting to make appointments for two of them initially, then another two, and finally they were making appointments for all six Account Managers. Not only were they very proactive and professional, the ProspectAware team established a great relationship with all of the sales team at Palo Alto Networks, which is not always the case when outsourcing a campaign of this nature. ProspectAware invoiced Pala Alto Networks on a monthly basis, on appointments set, not appointments attended, so there was a strong element of trust between the client and the vendor. If a meeting was cancelled, for example, due to the human element such as illness or a train strike, ProspectAware rearranged the meeting or they replaced an appointment; it was a very fair and efficient system. 

Success story

The success of Palo Alto Network’s telemarketing campaign has been measured in two ways: firstly, by identifying appropriate opportunities, which lead to new prospective clients in the pipeline and ultimately new sales and, secondly, by the fact that Palo Alto Networks have had minimal intervention. Despite the fact that ProspectAware has had to deal with reallocated teams, systems engineer changes and calendar challenges, they never had any issues; they were a pleasure to work with and their customer service was faultless. They just got on with the job in hand, kept their heads down and achieved fantastic results. 

"During the initial campaign setup phase, the Palo Alto Networks sales and marketing teams were exceptional. The level of information they provided to us was excellent and their proactive, hands-on approach to training the ProspectAware team was very refreshing. The training they provided allowed us to create a compelling callout message, configure our internal infrastructure and identify relevant prospects within Palo Alto’s Major Account lists. The Palo Alto Networks security platform is a fantastic value proposition and the response we received from the prospects we spoke to confirmed what we already knew – that Palo Alto Networks are at the top of their game and a leader in their market.”.

Matt Cox - Director, ProspectAware

Next steps 

Should there be any resource deficit in the future between Palo Alto Network’s internal sales team and Account Managers, they would not hesitate to use ProspectAware’s services again. Palo Alto Networks have a well-established and large partner community, which could benefit from the services that ProspectAware offer. Introductions and pilot campaigns have been started, which will allow the two companies to keep working together. The future looks prosperous between Palo Alto Networks and ProspectAware. 

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