High Level Appointment Setting

B2B appointment setting for technology vendors and their partner communities

“Invest in Event Attendance services to increase ROI”

At ProspectAware, we can provide an expert team of telemarketers who are fully versed on what the client does and all the details of an event, to increase the number of attendees to your event.

If you have gone to the trouble to invest money in running an event, it makes sense to maximise the return on that investment. By engaging ProspectAware to manage the attendee follow-up, our telemarketers can also qualify the delegates and help generate new business opportunities for your sales team.

At ProspectAware, we specialise in freeing up your marketing resource so you can focus on other factors critical to an event’s success such as speakers, venue and presentation material.

One particular scenario involved a customer, running two events, on exactly the same topics, but a week apart and in different locations. For the first event, the client managed their own event attendance in-house and had 12 delegates at the event. One week later, at the duplicate event with ProspectAware’s telemarketers on board, there were a staggering 64 attendees!

These figures speak for themselves and our experience, knowledge and tenacity ensure that events are well attended by the right people.

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