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B2B appointment setting for technology vendors and their partner communities

About Misys

Financial services focused software offering
HQ—London, UK
£1.27B Market Cap

Goals and Objectives
  • Expansion into new market 
  • Establishing a relationship with the right people 
  • Ultimately increasing sales pipeline
  • Database of enterprise asset management prospects identified. 
  • Consultants trained to understand core products and unique sales proposition.
  • Appointment setting campaign undertaken to establish need and identify the correct person
  • Executive-level appointments made with decision makers or key influencers with BFSI 
  • Target market successfully expanded
  • Brand awareness increased

The challenge: reaching out to a new target market

Misys initially engaged with appointment setters ProspectAware because they were looking to target an identifiable database of UK asset managers. Misys provide a specialised financial software product and they required some telemarketing assistance to help them penetrate the asset management market. 


Misys is at the forefront of the financial software industry, with over 1,800 customers in 120 countries. They provide the broadest portfolio of banking, treasury, trading and risk solutions available on the market. They had successfully penetrated the hedge fund market and recognised that their product was also well suited to asset management companies. Misys identified about 60 potential companies to target, of sufficient size and specification.

Meeting Objectives 

Misys had already carried out the relevant research so they knew the profile of their prospective client, such as IT Directors and Heads of Risk Management. It was then absolutely critical to make contact with the right person in each company, as the nature of asset management means that the senior people are often extremely busy, involved in internal networks and complex logistics.

"ProspectAware were very enthusiastic and confident about the success of their services, so they caught my attention. Any cynicism about whether they would represent the Misys brand correctly soon evaporated, as it became clear that they really knew how to say the right things to the right people. The critical element is that they understood the clients’ needs, which is always half the battle. ProspectAware do not need to be micro-managed, they are proactive and intelligent. They are open to status calls if necessary and they are very good at sending through call summaries. Their lead sheets are very detailed, spelling out the challenges and objectives to the sales team. It is very unusual to get the sales team on board with a telemarketing company, so ProspectAware have really made a positive difference”.

Carrie Raynham—Campaign Marketing Manager, Europe


ProspectAware initially approached Misys, determined to prove that their services were different to other telemarketing companies. Their persistence paid off, and Misys decided to trial them for their asset management appointment-setting campaign. The appeal of ProspectAware was their strategy of payment on results so there was almost no risk involved. Misys had been less than impressed with telemarketing companies in the past so they needed to see tangible results from ProspectAware. Misys gave ProspectAware all the information they could about their financial software product, explaining in detail about the USPs and how it can solve customers’ problems. ProspectAware had all the materials they needed and distilled it successfully into the key essence of what Misys do for their cold-calling campaign. 

"We were able to hold good quality, senior level meetings in the capital markets sector as a result of the ProspectAware project. Their team was very professional and understood the value of Misys products.”.

Nick Clare - Manager, Go To Market Initiatives, TCM Europe

Results: quality not quantity

Misys initially trialed ProspectAware to make them ten appointments, with the appropriate influencer and decision-makers. This was successfully achieved, they now are now booking more appointments and are also marketing another product, Sophis VALUE, which is a fully integrated cross-asset solution for investment management. With a product and market such as this, the sales cycle is invariably very long, at least 12-18 months. The introductions from ProspectAware have allowed Misys to start the conversations, getting valuable one-on-one time with the prospective client. 

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About ProspectAware

ProspectAware Limited is head quartered in the City of London and specialises in delivering high level appointment setting, lead generation, telesales and marketing services to leading technology companies and their channel partners.

Our services can be used as a complete outsourced lead generation capability, or as an extension to an internal team. With an end goal of increasing our clients’ new business revenue streams, our primary focus is high level appointment setting and positioning them in front of key individuals within their prospective markets.

With over 15 years’ collective experience and direct knowledge of over 400 technology companies and the challenges that they face, ProspectAware’s services and methodologies have been designed in a way to add maximum value to our clients’ marketing and sales strategies.

The experience we have gathered has allowed us to develop a unique proposition within the area of technology marketing. By realising the need to combine a number of proven techniques to influence all points of access to our clients’ target audience, ProspectAware is actively engaged in developing the relationships between our clients and their prospective markets, improving the quality of new business sales opportunities and increasing the sales pipeline.

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